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Engine & Transmission Repairs at Colorado Auto Finders

At Colorado Auto Finders we use the latest engine diagnostic equipment to help us pinpoint precisely what is going on with your car. So if you have a dashboard light pop on, come see the ASE Certified Auto Finders Team who can tell exactly what needs to be repaired.

Whatever you need, Colorado Auto Finders delivers. Your ASE Certified Colorado Auto Finders Team can handle:

  • transmissions
  • starters and alternators
  • tune ups
  • spark plugs
  • filters
  • overheating
  • hesitations / rough idle
  • fuel injectors
  • fuel pumps
  • and much more

With Colorado Auto Finders we will diagnose and show you exactly what needs to be done and tell you how much it will cost. No ifs, ands or buts. Our written estimate is our word.

Colorado Auto Finders is an invaluable service. Think of how much you’d spend on a new car. Your ASE Certified Colorado Auto Finders Team can keep your old car running into the 200,000 mile or more range.

So whether its factory recommended service, preventive maintenance, timing belt replacement, cooling system work or a simple tune up, your ASE Certified Colorado Auto Finders Team will take excellent care of you.

We service SUVs, light trucks, and foreign and domestic cars. If you’re experiencing some vehicle trouble come to the place where it’s no trouble at all.

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